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Procedure for Admittance to Practice Law

The legal profession in the United States is governed by individual States.  In general, the education requirements to practice law may be satisfied by one of the two following pathways:

    1. Obtain a J.D. or LL.B.. degree from a law school approved by the American Bar Association ("ABA").

    2. Obtain an LL.B. from a fully accredited foreign University and then complete additional legal education from an ABA law school.  In most cases, this will mean being awarded an LL.M. degree

Candidates who have completed their coursework at the International Center for Legal Studies and have earned an LL.B. from the University of London would fall under pathway No.2 and would be required to complete the necessary additional legal education from an ABA law school. This means that you may, for example, earn your LL.B. in three years and then pursue an LL.M. degree for one to two years.  Under this scenario you may complete your overall legal education requirement in four years.

Fortunately, there is virtually no problem gaining admittance to an LL.M. program as long as you have a qualifying first law degree from an accredited law school such as the University of London.  A further advantage is that you will have avoided the high tuition cost of many ABA law schools for the first three years of law study.  Another advantage is that while you are pursuing your degree via this avenue, you can still be employed full-time.


Many US students are working full-time and simply cannot afford to quit their jobs to attend a law school program, or simply cannot afford the high costs. Further, many students find the traditional admittance process with the LSAT exam and other barriers to be too burdensome.  With the International Center for Legal Studies one may obtain an affordable first-class legal education online and earn a fully accredited law degree from the prestigious University of London.

Non-US students can also become practicing lawyers in the United States by using these strategies.

Applicants are advised to check with each US State Board of Law Examiners or Bar Authority for their official admissions rules.  These rules change from time to time and applicants are advised to stay informed, especially as they pertain to their educational background.




Message From The Pro-Vice Chancellor University of London International Programmes

ICLS Executive Director Sworn Into U.S. Supreme Court

"ICLS is a world class
e-learning center offering an outstanding opportunity to earn a British law degree from your home or office."

"ICLS gave me the edge to succeed in the study of law."

Laura Ruberto, ICLS and UOL LL.B. Graduate 2009

Barrister and Solicitor at Law (Upper Ontario Bar)

2012 ICLS Graduate


"Through ICLS I was able to accomplish what many struggle to do alone - get my LLB from UOL International Programmes. The help and guidance I received from actual University of London tutors was what made this possible. Anyone thinking about pursuing a degree with UoL should consider ICLS. The inability to properly answer exam questions is the most common cause of failure and ICLS provides what the University cannot - feedback and criticism of writing technique when attempting an examination question. The lectures are also an asset to anyone who struggles to read and retain an abundance of reading material. Thanks to ICLS I am now a UOL graduate, and couldn't be prouder!"

Alexx Allen - Chattanooga, TN USA

2012 ICLS and UoL LL.B. Graduate

"You have made it much easier for me to begin revising for my examinations in June.  I know that it must have been an exhausting weekend, and appreciate your efforts all the more!  Your written material is excellent, and will assist me in organizing my studies.  I hope to have the pleasure of participating in a weekend next year..."

Wendy Gaonac'h  ICLS Review Weekend 2007 Student

ICLS Writing Workshop Equips Students

"I just wanted to say Thank You to you and your team for executing such a productive weekend...  Saturday was very intensive and by the end of the writing session I felt confident in myself, as I learned the techniques only ICLS could have taught. I now know what the examiners are looking for and most of all I understand how to organize the vast information I have per subject. You were organized, enthusiastic and addressed relevant issues. I am looking forward to the March Seminar. Thank you once again."


A. Hussain

ICLS (Second Year) Student 2007


August 7, 2006: ICLS  launched its new e-learning platform September 1, 2006.  According to George Pappas ICLS Executive Director, "ICLS has developed an e-learning platform unseen by the LL.B. learning community. Our students world wide will benefit significantly from this latest innovation.  Our continued focus on value remains undiminished." 


The Old Bailey


June 2006: ICLS provides live face to face legal writing workshops and selected LL.B. revision courses in addition to it's online legal programme. 

According to George Pappas, ICLS Executive Director, "ICLS will provide expanded teaching without any additional cost to ICLS students.  ICLS is going to do whatever it takes to increase the value of it's legal program.  We're excited about supporting our online programme with brick and mortar learning.  What's great about this development is that all ICLS students world wide will benefit since similarly registered ICLS students will receive the same review materials from any live workshops at no additional cost."



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The International Center for Legal Studies, LLC ("ICLS") provides teaching for students seeking to earn a British law degree.  As a 'tutorial college", while ICLS teaches and provides an integrated legal program, applicants are expressly advised that ICLS does not confer any law degree.  Students enrolled with ICLS are registered with a British based University law degree program.  Students enrolled with ICLS receive their law degree from their British University.  ICLS does not provide legal advice.  Applicants seeking bar admission information are advised to contact the bar authorities for the jurisdiction which they seek admission.  Students and applicants are solely responsible for ascertaining bar admission rules with respect to their individual credentials. ICLS provides online law  school tutoring together with individual mentoring and face to face learning.

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