Canadian Bar Admission

Canadian Bar Admission

"ICLS gave me the edge to succeed in study of law."
Laura Ruberto, ICLS and UOL LL.B. Graduate
2009Barrister and Solicitor at Law (Upper Ontario Bar)

Procedure for Admittance to Practice Law *

A) Obtaining an LL.B. degree from an accredited Canadian law school.

B) Obtaining an LL.B. from a fully accredited non-Canadian law school approved by the  National Committee on Accreditation (“NCA”). 

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*Applicants seeking bar admission information are advised to contact the bar authorities for the jurisdiction they seek admission to.  Students and applicants are solely responsible for ascertaining bar admission rules with respect to their individual credentials.

For an up-to-date comment on the rules check here:  Canadian National Committee on Accreditation click below.

Candidates who have completed their coursework at the International Center for Legal Studies and have earned an LL.B. from the University of London International Programmes would fall under pathway No. B and would be required to submit transcripts of their legal education and experience, if any, to the NCA for an official evaluation.

Applicants are advised to check with Canadian National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) for the official admissions rules.  NCA rules change from time to time and applicants are advised to stay informed, especially as they pertain to their educational background.