The ICLS e-Learning Platform

The ICLS law program: Exclusively devoted to teaching the University of London Worldwide in Laws (LL.B.).

Experienced Law Tutors: Includes University of London law faculty, London Barristers, seasoned LL.B. Law Tutors who have years of teaching experience, tutors who have written books and published articles in Law, and attorneys at law who have completed the University of London International Programmes in Law. 

Recorded Online Lectures and Lecture Notes: In typical classroom settings or online “chat tutorials”, students  take notes.  While taking those notes, students miss important portions of the lecture; once that lecture is over, the opportunity to access that information is gone.   With ICLS you have access to lectures and notes online twenty-four hours, seven days a week.

Individual Academic Advisor:  Each ICLS student is assigned an individual academic advisor throughout their tenure to discuss their course of study with ICLS. 

With ICLS you can access your lectures, bulletin board and legal resource/research library WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU — and we mean ANY TIME, DAY OR NIGHT.  Unlike online “chat rooms” or “email” forums,  you don’t have to be available on a specific day at a specific time in order to exchange information with your law tutors and fellow students.   

Another difference is the volume of lectures you receive: the number of essay assignments marked to exam standard, monthly tutorials, and bulletin board access  where students can post comments and questions to their tutors twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  

Mock Exams: Handwritten mock exams in the autumn and spring. 

The ICLS guarantee (see, our ICLS Student Agreement).

Financial Aid: Qualified applicants may be eligible for ICLS grants.