Message From the ICLS Director

Dr George Pappas

[thrive_testimonial name=”Peter Obiefuna PhD, LLB 2016 Graduate University of London International Programmes” company=”” image=””]I sought out ICLS because I was in a bind. I was down to my last attempt at Equity & Trusts. If I passed well, I would get a good final degree acceptable for Canadian accreditation. If I didn’t pass very well, I would not. It was down to this one subject and it dawned on me that continuing to trust in my abilities alone was a foolish gamble. So, I approached ICLS and literally cried out for help because intake had closed. ICLS will not only provide you an instructor for each subject but also a personal mentor. The classes were better than world class (after all, UoL without help is already world class). The subject tutors seem to not only be the most knowledgeable but also understand what UoL exams require. By the time you have done 7 or so assignments and mocks exams, reviewed your graded scripts, reviewed instructors’ sample answer and exam revision guides, you will definitely do much better than you otherwise would. In my case, the final exam would have been very challenging if not for the preparation. I wrote with confidence. I was aware that I was handling the exam with a different mastery than I was used to, made possible by the way ICLS prepared me. I passed that paper (highest grade I ever got in all 3 years of my LLB program at UoL). I have received a favourable Canadian accreditation and am now working to satisfy the local requirements to practice law in Canada. If I could go back, I would have started with ICLS in my first year. If you are serious about getting a good grade out of the UoL LLB program, you just have to take this seriously about this training institution. You may be right that you can walk and run without any need for support. Imagine how much better you can do if someone gave you wings! I feel indebted to ICLS for the contribution it made to my future desires. However, I am writing this for students coming after me, hoping my story helps you make that crucial decision.[/thrive_testimonial]

[thrive_testimonial name=”Dominic Cervini, Barrister & Solicitor (Canada) University of London LL.B (Honors) and ICLS Graduate 2012″ company=”” image=””]Getting a University of London law degree is an amazing feeling. Although it can be done, you must be prepared for a lot of hard work and time commitment to your studies. Studying alone without help, trying to comprehend thousands of cases and navigate through the mountains of documents can seem like an overwhelming task. The best decision I ever made, in addition to studying Law with the University of London International Programmme, was studying with the International Center for Legal studies. I am not able to express in words alone my deep appreciation for all the help and guidance they’ve given me. Not only were they sincerely trying to help me every step of the way, but they have stood by me even after I no longer required their services. This is what sets ICLS apart from all other tutoring companies; the ongoing commitment to their students’ success. To know that I have ICLS in my corner even after I received my degree is an empowering feeling. I sincerely wish to thank George and Ellen for being there when I needed them. If any student is considering using a tutoring company for your law studies, I highly recommend ICLS to help you be successful. Their support is priceless. If any prospective student would like to speak to me directly on my experience with ICLS, you can email me at Thanks again for your continued support ICLS.[/thrive_testimonial]

Dear Prospective ICLS Law Student:

If you’re reading this message you are serious about earning not just a law degree, but a top tier law degree.

The University of London International Programmes has been awarding its law degree since 1858 in over 180 counties – how many law schools can make that claim? For fifteen years, the International Center for Legal Studies (ICLS) has been preparing University of London law students worldwide to pass their law exams.

ICLS is one of University of London International Programmes’ ‘Registered Centre’ .

As a top tier law program, the University of London does not dilute its standards just because students are studying at a distance and balancing study with their work and family lives. Students are assessed to the same high standard, whether they are studying at a distance or on campus at one of the Law Schools of the University of London. Even though the programme has been designed for independent study, the University acknowledges that the learning experience can be isolating and difficult without supplementary tutorial support. Many students who attempt to prepare for the University of London LL.B. exams on their own fail to progress beyond the first year.

ICLS offers an academic platform to help prepare students worldwide to pass the University of London LL.B. exams at their FIRST attempt. This platform levels the playing field with an integrated system that provides individual mentoring, online lectures, lecture notes, practice exams, revision lectures and notes, academic assessments, and best of all, law tutors who have years of experience preparing students for the University of London LL.B. exams.

ICLS tutors are barristers, solicitors, lawyers, Ph.D. graduates in Law and experienced academics supporting University of London International Programme law students.

If you’re serious about earning a top tier law degree from the University of London, no matter where you live, ICLS is here to help you. If you’re an adult professional with a busy schedule, ICLS provides the flexibility to help you study when it is convenient for you. Want to read what our graduates say about their experience at ICLS? Click hereto read the testimonials from former ICLS students and LL.B. graduates. In fact, in 2015, an ICLS student was awarded the top mark worldwide in the final year dissertation category. ICLS produces results!

One final tip, don’t procrastinate: the number one reason students fail to reach their academic potential is starting late – apply and register soon so you’re ready to begin your studies with the University of London and ICLS by August/September 2016.

We at ICLS are ready to help you complete your law degree journey, it’ up to you to take the next step.

Worldwide enrolment is now open at ICLS – simply click here to register for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Become more, earn a University of London law degree.

Sincerely yours,

George D. Pappas, Ph.D.

ICLS Executive Director and Attorney at Law